Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby, Oh Baby!

People often ask me which of the books I've written is my favorite.  I usually answer with the name of is whatever book I'm currently working on, because my  characters seem very real and very close to me as I'm writing about them.  When I finish a book, it always feels like some dear friends have moved away, and I miss hanging out with them.

Taking the long view, though, one of my all time favorite books is Baby, Oh Baby!  This is the story of a single woman who wants to have a baby without the complications of a man, so she conceives a baby at a fertility center through a nameless donor-- only to discover that tall, dark and handsome donor standing on her front doorstep two years later, demanding joint custody of her 14-month old daughter.  The book is a comedy, but it also deals with some serious topics.

This book came to me like a gift from God.  I mean it;  it practically wrote itself.  I would find myself surprised every day that I showed up at the computer.  I  had no idea the characters were going to do the things they did.  I laughed and cried as I wrote that book.

I have never had another book come to me that  easily and effortlessly-- although heaven knows I've prayed for one!

Baby, Oh Baby! came out in 2001.  It won the National Readers' Choice Award and was a finalist for the Award of Excellence and Golden Quill Award.  I received more mail and reader comments on that book than on any other.

And then, Dorchester Publishing let it go out of print. When Dorchester finally went out of business (they suffered a long, slow, malingering death, during which they didn't pay authors and didn't reprint books), I finally got the rights back to Baby, Oh, Baby! and four other books.  

I just revised and updated Baby, Oh Baby!--- putting in cell phones, computers, GPS, etc.; it's surprising how much changed in eleven years! --- and turned it into an e-book.   I'm delighted to announce that you can now buy the new, improved second edition of Baby, Oh Baby! on and B&

I hope you'll look for it!

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